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Grid List
PW-90 Pileated Woodpecker Call


The PW-90 Pileated Woodpecker Call. An excellent locator call for turkeys, especially in heavily hunted areas where the Owl Hooter doesn’t work. SUPER LOUD!
HS-91 Hawk Screamer Call


The HS-91 Hawk Screamer Call. This call will benefit the upland bird hunter. Excellent to stop birds from running in front of dogs. Also used by the crow hunter for creating the natural sound of a crow and hawk fight, in addition to being an excellent locator for the spring...
TC-87 Triple Tone Crow Call


The TC-87 Triple Tone Crow Call. Haydel’s exclusive 3 position teeth setting allows caller to sound like an adult, young and baby crow in distress. The scream of the hawk can be produced by blowing across the reed sideways. It’s also effective in locating gobblers.Winner of numerous Crow-Calling Contest.
RR-98 Ragin' Rooster


The RR-98 Ragin' Rooster Turkey Locator. The RR-98, is the ultimate turkey locator call. Roosters crowing in the early morning will often cause a turkey to gobble.  While being extremely loud, the RR-98 is a very natural sound, being especially useful in locating distant toms. As well as making the...
TF-07 Turkey Flute Call


The TF-07 Turkey Flute Call. Tired of using the same ‘ol calls and want a different sound? This call is like nothing else on the market. This call uses reeds that won’t wear out or change on you and has a baffle that you control the volume. Once mastered there...
CO-03 Compensator Owl Call


The CO-03 Compensator Owl Call. The most realistic owl call on the market today. The compensator makes it user friendly in that you no longer have to manipulate your hands to create the perfect hoot.
WG-02 Walnut / Glass Turkey Call


The WG-02 Walnut / Glass Turkey Call. Walnut and glass have proven to be a deadly combination to fire up an ol’ Tom. This is one good-looking call you’ll be proud to pass down to your kids. It features glass over glass in a walnut cup with a hickory peg....