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AD-98 Acrylic Duck


An awesome call when you really need distance for blowing in the field wet.  
AR-19 Acrylic Redleg Double Reed Call


This AR-19 is a molded acrylic version of our Redleg Mallard call that has been a popular hunting call with hunter for over 20 years. It features the same double reed gut system yet offers hunters the same sound features as a hand turned acrylic at a much more friendly...
B-14 Blue & Snow Goose


The B-14 is a resonant chamber design in that it has a long reed. Larger diameter barrels allow this call to be blown louder to carry further on windy days.
BB-10 “Big Blue”


Blue-winged Teal This new call features double mylar reeds and was developed out of a need for maximum volume situations.
BC-10 Big Barrelled


Cutdown Mallard Our new mallard call is a hybrid of two of our most popular calls the Cutdown and Big barreled calls from the past. Aggressively tuned to handle most any situation you will encounter.
BC-85 Long Range Baby Cottontail


Emits the high pitched screams of a baby cottontail in distress. Extra volume is achieved with plastic barrels. playpause Haydel’s BC-85 Long Range Baby Cottontail Call - / Update RequiredTo play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin....
BD-11 Black Death


Okay we know this is an ugly call hence the name . . . cause death isn’t pretty! This open reed features a thin reed for easy blowing. It responds well from making bird distress sounds to coyote vocalization this call will do it all!
BDR-95A Acrylic Big Barreled Double Reed Mallard


The BDR-95A is an acrylic version of one of Haydel’s most popular mallard calls the BDR-95. Like the original this call can be blown extremely loud or soft and raspy. Great call for more aggressive type calling yet will smooth out when needed.

$34.95 $17.50

From crisp breaking hails to low moaning lay downs; this call will produce the entire vocabulary of the only black footed goose in America…the Canada. “Short-reed” design directs the airflow efficiently for speed and a double “O”ring provides for an airtight seal. Includes a heavy duty lanyard.
BH-07 Black Hole Mallard


This double reed was brought about by guys begging us to keep the 25th anniversary call in the line. Sounds great in the timber! Reports of guys “filling the hole black with mallards” gave us the insight to offer the presentation to you.
BH-92 Boss Hawg


Emits hog grunts and has the ability to create the distress squeals of large boars fighting. This sound attracts other hogs. This is useful while stalking.
BJ-85 Long Range Baby Jackrabbit


Emits the high pitched screams of a baby jackrabbit in distress. Extra volume is achieved with plastic barrels.
BR-84 Baby Cottontail & Jackrabbit Predator Coaxer


Has unique dual voice box. Blow on one end for the cottontail and the other end for the Jackrabbit.
BT-85 Blue Wing & Cinnamon Teal


This call produces the screechy quacks of these Teal. Employs a reed system and should not be confused with the Green Wing Teal which whistles.
CA-01C Cocacrylic Cajun Squeal Mallard


“Cajun Squeal” Mallard Due to the popularity of our cajun squeal; we are proud to be able to offer this version to the Cocacrylic series. Make gravy–this one produces!
CA-01H Cocacrylic Honker


This is our short reed canada version of our Cocacrylic series. Shaved reeds!  

Showing: 1 - 16 of 148