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    The H2 Waterfowl Series

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    Double Reed Mallard

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New Calls From Haydel's Game Calls

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DR85T-23 Haydel's DR-85 Meat Call T-Shirt

$22.00 from $19.95

Haydel's Newest addition, the DR85T-23, THE ORIGINAL MEAT CALL T-shirt.  Its available in ultra cotton or the Dri-fit version. Choose from one of our 5 popular colors.
SK-23 SHOAL Marsh Grass Knife by Smith & Sons


The SK-23 SHOAL Marsh Grass Knife is an incredibly thin and lightweight knife. Though this blade seems small, it fits quite comfortably in the hands making this blade perfect for detail work around bones and saving the precious fillet on you ducks This is a thin 2.75” blade made with AEB-L...
AK-23 AXIOM Marsh Grass Knife by Smith & Sons


The AK-23 AXIOM Marsh Grass Knife is a thin, small knife with aggressive jimping on the spine. The 3” stonewashed AEB-L blade will handle any of your game cleaning needs from doves to hogs. This blade just simply works and the fit makes it a perfect everyday carry knife. Sheath...
HTC-KHB Haydel's H2 Summer Trucker Cap


 The HTC-KHB Haydel's H2 Waterfowl Foam Front Summer Trucker Cap is just like your grandpa's old trucker cap! Available in Khaki and black, it features the Haydel's H2 Waterfowl logo on the front.  Get yours while they last! 100% polyester Five panel Polyester foam front with mesh back Plastic adjustable snapback
HTC-NPB Haydel's Pink Summer Trucker Cap


 The HTC-NPB Haydel's Pink Foam Front Summer Trucker Cap is just what the girls need! Hot pink and black, this cap will catch anyone's attention. It features the traditional Haydel's Game Call logo on the front.  A great buy for your special lady. 100% polyester Five panel Polyester foam front with...
OC771-BL-XL Haydel's X-LARGE BOTTOMLAND® Truckers Cap


Haydel's OC771-BL-XL MOSSY OAK® ORIGINAL BOTTOMLAND® Truckers hat only comes in X-LARGE for our big guys! A premium camo trucker that features unrivaled comfort & fit, a modern trucker shape and a comfort wrapped sweatband. The leather Haydel Logo is featured on the front.  Slight Pre-Curved Visor Plastic Snap Closure Pro High Crown...
RC-111P-BL Haydel's Washed Printed Trucker Cap by RICHARDSON Caps


The RC-111P-BL Haydel's Washed Printed Trucker Cap is the Richardson 111P Trucker Cap and an unstructured version of the Richardson 112. The traditional Haydel's Game Call logo is embroidered on the front on a patch. 100% polyester twill 100% polyester mesh back Unstructured, six-panel, low-profile Pre-curved visor Snapback closure Please note...
HPD-615SP Haydel's Cap with Square Leather Patch


 The HPD-615SP Haydel's Cap with Square Leather Patch is our Premium Rugged Trucker Cap that is designed with the traditional six panels including mesh back panels. This modern trucker hat has a rugged low-profile look and is made with hard pigment dyed front panels. It displays Haydel's square shaped logo patch in leather...
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Most Popular Calls

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    The DR-85 DOUBLE REED MALLARD DUCK CALL is nicknamed the “Deceiver" and our #1 seller. This easy blowing duck call features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale, this double reed mallard duck call has won many “Meat Calling Contest”. However, we do not recommend...
BB-10 “Big Blue” Teal Duck Call


Blue-winged Teal The BB-10 “Big Blue” Teal Duck Call. This new duck call features double mylar reeds and was developed out of a need for maximum volume situations.
GW-01 Gadwall Duck Call


The GW-01 Gadwall Duck Call. With the increase in the population of gadwalls over recent years many hunters have come to rely on these birds. Now you can speak their own language! Produces the “tat-tat” sound of the drakes as well as the nasally quacks of hens. An easy duck...
BC-10 Big Barrelled Duck Call


Cutdown Mallard The BC-10 Big Barrelled Duck Call. Our new mallard duck call is a hybrid of two of our most popular calls the Cutdown and Big barreled calls from the past. This duck call is aggressively tuned to handle most any situation you will encounter.


The QQ-23 QUIET QUACKER double reed mallard duck call was specifically designed to blow quiet without sounding flat.  This call will work great for low calling volume conditions such as on quiet days or in the timber. During light season hunting when birds are pairing up for their flight back, sometimes...
GHC Government Hunter Cottontail Predator Call


Double Reed w / Coaxer Voice The GHC Government Hunter Cottontail Predator Call. A super gravely sound is created, while blowing into this call. When blowing on the opposite end you get a squeaker sound for close in calling. Hyper-ventilating death cries can be accomplished by blowing and sucking air...


The W-81 WOODDUCK SQUEALER Duck Call. Produces the squealing sound of the Wood Duck coming to roost.
BDR-95A Acrylic Big Barreled Double Reed Mallard Duck Call


The BDR-95A Acrylic Big Barreled Double Reed Mallard Duck Call. The BDR-95A is an acrylic version of one of Haydel’s most popular mallard calls the BDR-95. Like the original this call can be blown extremely loud or soft and raspy. Great call for more aggressive type calling yet will smooth...
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Premium Game Calls

At Haydel's Game Calls, we offer a wide selection of premium game calls for hunting and wildlife enthusiasts. Our game calls are designed to replicate the exact sounds of animals like ducks, geese, and turkeys, making them incredibly realistic and effective in attracting prey. Whether you're an experienced hunter or just starting out, our game calls can help you successfully attract your target game. We take pride in offering our customers handmade, quality game calls that are designed for maximum durability and performance. Our hunting and wildlife calls come in a variety of styles, so you're sure to find one you like that is tailored to your specific needs. Make Haydel's Game Calls your go-to source for all your hunting and wildlife calling needs!

Featured Calls

H2-CAT5 Acrylic Duck Call


The CAT-5 Duck Call is a new acrylic duck call designed to be more open and blows more raspy as well. This lends this call to be blown harder than most calls. It is what has been described to me as sort of a hybrid type call that will bark at...
W-19 The Whistler Duck Call


The W-19 The Whistler Duck Call. The Whistler duck call was designed specifically for ducks that emit more of a nasally sound to their calls. Unlike green winged teal and pintail that peep, this call is perfect for wigeon, fulvous and black bellied tree ducks.
AR-19 Acrylic Redleg Double Reed Duck Call


The AR-19  Acrylic Redleg Double Reed Duck Call. This AR-19 is a molded acrylic version of our Redleg Mallard duck call that has been a popular hunting call with hunter for over 20 years. It features the same double reed gut system yet offers hunters the same sound features as...
WBS-17 Wide Bore Speck Goose Call


The WBS-17 Wide Bore Speck Goose Call.This Acrylic wide bore “Speck” call is a unique hybrid design combining an acrylic big bore tone board with a narrow air channel. The tone board design, paired with a more tapered reed creates an easy blowing and “user friendly” call. The WBS-17 is...
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