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SS-12 "Shorty" Cut-Down Speck

$24.95 $12.50

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! Haydel’s introduces the “SHORTY” CUT-DOWN SPECK! This has a shortened blowing barrel which positions the air flow closer to the reed for maximum control! This call also features a hand shaved (sanded) reed for easy blowing. You will love the easy yodels and sweet clucks this call...

$34.95 $17.50

From crisp breaking hails to low moaning lay downs; this call will produce the entire vocabulary of the only black footed goose in America…the Canada. “Short-reed” design directs the airflow efficiently for speed and a double “O”ring provides for an airtight seal. Includes a heavy duty lanyard.
OB-19 Ol' Betsy Double Reed Mallard Call


Ol' Besty is a double reed mallard call by a special request from a customer that wanted her flag on a call. It is tuned to be blown easy and soft but yet stand up to an aggressive calling style so as not to lock up on you. Here at...
W-19 The Whistler


The Whistler was designed specifically for ducks that emit more of a nasally sound to their calls Unlike green winged teal and pintail that peep, this call is perfect for wigeon, fulvous and black bellied tree ducks.
GHT-19 Girls Hunt Too T-shirt

$17.95 from $12.95

Girls Hunt Too Ultra Cotton Tee. Pretty in pink! A shirt paying tribute to all the women who like to hunt.  
PM-07 Pink Mallard Call


Want the real story. My daughter felt we were leaving out the girls so here you go . . . a double reed call like the legendary DR-85 in pink. I am sure to take some flack on this one- Thanks Robin!
DR-85CB - Coke Bottle Double Reed Mallard


Since the inception of the DR-85 in 1984, over 1 million of these calls have been sold. One of the most popular mallard calls in history, this call has become a legend. H2 Waterfowl continues that legend with the new acrylic DR-85CB. This call will be turned in a translucent coke...
OB-19 Ol' Betsy T-shirt

$17.95 from $14.95

The Ol' Besty Tee is made of ultra cotton.  A perfect way to show pride for your country.  God Bless the USA!   Only comes in white.    
Fleur de Canard (flower of the duck) T-shirt

$14.95 from $7.50

DISCONTINUED ITEM!! We’ve designed the perfect shirt for duck hunters combining mallard curl feathers and a Pintail sprig into a Fleur de Lis. The back features hidden geese in flight. All shirts are printed with the same design. WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!