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H2-CAT5 Acrylic Duck Call


The CAT-5 Duck Call is a new acrylic duck call designed to be more open and blows more raspy as well. This lends this call to be blown harder than most calls. It is what has been described to me as sort of a hybrid type call that will bark at...
W-19 The Whistler Duck Call


The W-19 The Whistler Duck Call. The Whistler duck call was designed specifically for ducks that emit more of a nasally sound to their calls. Unlike green winged teal and pintail that peep, this call is perfect for wigeon, fulvous and black bellied tree ducks.
AR-19 Acrylic Redleg Double Reed Duck Call


The AR-19  Acrylic Redleg Double Reed Duck Call. This AR-19 is a molded acrylic version of our Redleg Mallard duck call that has been a popular hunting call with hunter for over 20 years. It features the same double reed gut system yet offers hunters the same sound features as...
WBS-17 Wide Bore Speck Goose Call


The WBS-17 Wide Bore Speck Goose Call.This Acrylic wide bore “Speck” call is a unique hybrid design combining an acrylic big bore tone board with a narrow air channel. The tone board design, paired with a more tapered reed creates an easy blowing and “user friendly” call. The WBS-17 is...
T2 - Teal Duck Call


The T2 - Teal Duck Call. The T2 - Teal Duck Call is a 5-N-1 combination Teal duck call. One end produces the quacks of Bluewing/Cinnamon Teal while the other is used for Greenwings, Pintail, Widgeon, and Mallard drake whistles.  
DC-14 Diver Duck Call


The DC-14 Diver Duck Call. The Diver Duck Call creates the “Brrrrr” sound that Redheads, Bluebills, Scaup, Canvasbacks, etc. use to communicate. While traditional Mallard Calls have often times been used in a crutch this duck call has been specifically designed for the purpose of dedicated diver duck hunters. It...