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TC-87 Triple Tone Crow


Haydel’s exclusive 3 position teeth setting allows caller to sound like an adult, young and baby crow in distress. The scream of the hawk can be produced by blowing across the reed sideways. It’s also effective in locating gobblers.Winner of numerous Crow-Calling Contest.
TF-07 Turkey Flute


Tired of using the same ‘ol calls and want a different sound? This call is like nothing else on the market. This call uses reeds that won’t wear out or change on you and has a baffle that you control the volume. Once mastered there is no sound you cannot...
TK-01 Tune Up Kit Double Reed Mallard


Finally everything you need to get any of our double reed mallard calls back in tiptop shape for the season. Kit includes four reeds, two O rings, and a wedge. Comes with tuning instructions.


The BT-85 is used for Bluewings while the MP-90 produces the Greenwing peeps. This whistle is also effective for producing sound of widgeon, pintail, wood duck and mallard drakes! These two calls add a whole new dimension to hunting these fast flying little birds.
UDK-05 Ultimate Duck Call Kit


This is the Ultimate Duck Calling System: It features our #1 selling and legendary DR-85 mallard call and as a complimentary call, the MP-90 whistle together with a 2 call lanyard. The instructional DVD (DVD-V2) covers instruction for these two calls in calling Mallards, Pintails, Widgeons, and Teal. Additional instruction...
UP-04 Ultimate Predator Call


This call is designed to be flexible and do it all from bobcats to coyotes. The flexible tooth positions on the call allow the caller to make a wide variety of sounds . . . high, low, clear, to raspy.
UPK-06 Ultimate Predator Kit


This kit features our SPH-06 Howler and GHC Distress Call along with an instructional DVD by Byron South of the “Coming to the Call” series. Actual hunting footage included.


Covering the hole on the barrel with your index finger emits a low pitch, while leaving it open creates a high pitch, to create grunts of more than one deer. Highly effective when used in conjunction with rattling.
VQ-87 Valley Quail


Produces the chiquita sound of Valley, Top Notch, Mountain and Western Quail.
VR-00 Variable tone of the Haydel "REDLEG"


“REDLEG”Tuning hole allows caller to sound like 2 different ducks.


Opening and closing the hole in the exhaust barrel allows the caller to sound like two different Mallards. Closed for older hen, open for higher pitch of younger hen. DOUBLE REED


Produces the squealing sound of the Wood Duck coming to roost.
WBS-17 Wide Bore Speck


This Acrylic wide bore “Speck” call is a unique hybrid design combining an acrylic big bore tone board with a narrow air channel. The tone board design, paired with a more tapered reed creates an easy blowing and “user friendly” call. The WBS-17 is easy to control and produces a...
WD-97 Cocabolo Duck


This duck call features double reed construction while keeping with the Haydel tradition of blowing wet.
WF-00 White Front Goose


Our Speckle Belly Call is constructed with double o-rings and newly designed barrels to produce clucks as well as yodels.

Showing: 129 - 144 of 148