AD-98 Acrylic Duck
An awesome call when you really need distance for blowing in the field wet.

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$ 115.00
plus handling.

Smoke Acrylic Mallard
A smoke colored version of our acrylic mallard call.

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$ 115.00

plus handling.

25th anniversary DR-85

Hard to believe that our popular DR-85 mallard call is already 25 years old. As a anniversary model it still is tuned like your old one except now finished in green. These calls will be limited and sure to become a classic collectors call.

$ 19.95
plus handling.

BB-10 “Big Blue”
Blue-winged Teal

This new call features double mylar reeds and was developed out of a need for maximum volume situations.

$ 16.95
plus handling.

BC-10 Big Barrelled
Cutdown Mallard

Our new mallard call is a hybrid of two of our most popular calls the Cutdown and Big barreled calls from the past. Aggressively tuned to handle most any situation you will encounter.

$ 24.95
plus handling.


BH-07 Black Hole Mallard

This double reed was brought about by guys begging us to keep the 25th anniversary call in the line. Sounds great in the timber! Reports of guys "filling the hole black with mallards" gave us the insight to offer the presentation to you.

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$ 29.95plus handling.


BT-85 Blue Wing & Cinnamon Teal
This call produces the screechy quacks of these Teal. Employs a reed system and should not be confused with the Green Wing Teal which whistles.
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$ 12.95 plus handling.

CA-01C Cocacrylic
"Cajun Squeal" Mallard

Due to the popularity of our cajun squeal; we are proud to be able to offer this version to the Cocacrylic series. Make gravy--this one produces!
Lanyard included.
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$ 59.95 plus handling.


CA-01M Cocacrylic Mallard
The best of both worlds! A handsome cocabolo, blowing barrel, warm to the touch; combined with the irresistable sound of an injected acrylic exhaust barrel. Double Reed and blows wet!
Lanyard included.
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$ 59.95 plus handling.


Candied Carbon Kwacker Series
Single Reed Mallard

CK-1 is a single reed mallard call that is designed for open water. We tune to ring at the top while maintaining a nice low end for most hunting situations. Handsomely finished with a
candied carbon finish!
We got your sweet tooth covered here!

$ 49.95 plus handling.

CK-1L    Licorice

CK-1G   Grape
CK-1B    Blueberry

CK-1S    Strawberry

CK-1O   Orange

CK-1P    Pineapple

CK-1A   Apple


Candied Carbon Kwacker Series
Double Reed Mallard

The CK-2 gives you a call like no other. We tune this double reed call on the raspy side for aggressive calling. The carbon finish makes it stand out in a ground truly giving you a fine looking call. One of Rod’s favorites!
Truly one fine looking call.

$ 49.95 plus handling.

CK-2L    Licorice

CK-2G   Grape

CK-2B    Blueberry

CK-2S    Strawberry

CK-2O   Orange

CK-2P    Pineapple

CK-2A   Apple

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CSS Collector Signed Series
This is a limited edition call tuned and signed by Eli Haydel. It features a Boisdarc blowing barrel with a black turned acrylic exhaust. It features double reed construction in a Cajun squeal configuration. Records will be kept on file for next year's series and the customer will be granted first right of refusal on the same numbered call in the series. Limited to100 calls and comes with lanyard.
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$ 200.00 plus handling.


Custom Signed Series II

The second call in a limited edition series of duck calls is tuned and signed by Rod Haydel. The Birdseye maple blowing barrel compliments the black acrylic exhaust barrel that houses the double reed components.
This series is again limited to 100 calls.
Comes with lanyard.
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$ 200.00 plus handling.


CW-03 Compensator Woodduck
Every squeal and whine a woodduck makes can be created on this call. The compensator is configured so that no hand manipulation is necessary to create the squeals however the rubber can be changed to create new sounds.
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$ 15.95 plus handling.


DP-05 Duck Pack
Features our #1 legendary mallard call the DR-85. We have combined this with our GW-01 gadwall call for those days the mallards don't show up.
You'll be prepared for most anything with this combo!
DR-85 Click to hear sound

GW-01 Click to hear sound

$ 24.95 plus handling.


DC-14 Diver Duck Call

The Diver Duck Call creates the “Brrrrr” sound that Redheads, Bluebills, Scaup, Canvasbacks, etc. use to communicate. While traditional Mallard Calls have often times been used in a crutch this call has been specifically designed for the purpose of dedicated diver hunters. It features a removable plug in the exhaust barrel for added volume.

$ 24.95 plus handling


"The Deceiver" Our #1 Seller features a fully adjustable floating wedge to allow personal tuning. Covering the full chromatic scale, this call has won many "Meat Calling Contest". However, we do not recommend using it in world class competition.
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$ 19.95 plus handling.


DR-85CDK Double Reed Mallard w/ CD
Features our #1 selling mallard call, the DR-85, along with our T-01C instructional CD. Learn the correct way to call in species of waterfowl. Great System for those just starting out.

$ 24.95 plus handling.


This style of calling was used by Louisiana callers in the days of market hunting. Great call for finesse calling, slightly higher pitched. Produces a squeal at the end of each note.
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$ 20.95 plus handling.


FM-12 Flamin' Bos d' Arch
Cajum Squeal

Haydel's new Flamin' Bos d' Arch Mallard Call features the classic double reed Cajun Squeal parts in a beautiful Bois d' Arch or Hedge body. This call has the Haydel's double O-ring seal. Truly a call to pass down generation to generation!

$ 85.00 plus handling


GW-01 Gadwall Call
With the increase in the population of gadwalls over recent years many hunters become to rely on these birds. Now you can speak their own language! Produces the "tat-tat" sound of the drakes as well as the nasally quacks of hens.
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$ 14.95 plus handling.


KC-13 Keyless Countdown

The KC-13 was developed out of a desire of hunters wanting us to bring back this historic style calling. While these style calls generally require more air, we have designed our single reed for little softer blowing yet maintaining the ability to “bark” at the birds in a traditional cutdown style call when you need volume in the timber.

$ 49.95 plus handling.

LSU call

LSU Duck Call
What happens when you combine a legendary college football team and a legendary duck call? You get the new Haydel's LSU duck call. This officially licensed duck call is designed after our number one selling double reed call, the DR-85. The LSU duck call is the perfect gift for any LSU fan.

Haydel's Game Calls and Tiger football, both a Louisiana tradition.
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$22.95 plus handling.


MP-05 Mallard Pack
Can't make up your mind between a single or double reed? No problem, we have you covered here. Our famous (RL-99) gives you the confidence to sound ducky while the (SZ-05) comes in on those days you want to experiment or need the volume to pull ducks from a distance.
RL-99 Click to hear sound
SZ-05 Click to hear sound

$ 49.95 plus handling.


Super loud, for Pintail, Widgeon, Teal, and the Mallard Drake. It's also an easy and effective way to get a child involved.
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$ 9.95 plus handling.


PM-07 Pink Mallard Call

Want the real story. My daughter felt we were leaving out the girls so here you go . . . a double reed call like the legendary DR-85 in pink. I am sure to take some flack on this one- Thanks Robin!

Click to hear sound

$ 22.95 plus handling.


RF-03 Dirty Rice Mallard Call This is a Cajun Squeal style of call that has been popular in getting the sound of mallards when they are feeding on rice. The barrels have been designed so that it is easier to get the squeal out of this double-reeded call. We've even included the Tony's creole seasoning for the dirty rice, so get to cookin' . . . AHHH eeee!
Click to hear sound

$ 24.95 plus handling.


Designed to give the finest impersonation of a "susie mallard"; this call is hand tuned by professional callers and blows wet. Double "O" ring construction insures a tight seal; while the double-reed system famous in the "DR-85" provides resonace. When the wariest of late season, migrating mallard arrive our "REDLEG" mallard call will keep them committed to your rig!
Haydel . . . the ducks built in!
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$ 34.95 plus handling.


SS-02 Smokin' Suzie
We have finally designed an Arkansas style single reed. It makes its mark in the blind as well as on the stage. It will ring the hail calls stepping down smoothly to some really nasty low end work. Lazer engraved and comes with a premiun lanyard.
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$ 125.00
plus handling.


We designed this call as a molded version of our acrylic single reed. It is molded out of acrylic for sound qualities desired in hunting open water situations where volume is needed. It'll ring when needed!
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$ 34.95 plus handling.


This is one of the most versatile calls we have ever produced and it lives up to the name! Shortened and enlarged diameter barrels combined with a modified sound tunnel have created a call that is LOUD, DARK and FULLBODIED. The design allows the call to be pushed harder when calling birds at a distance as well as “barking” at them when aggressive calling is needed.

$24.95 plus handling

TC-02 Timber Cutter
This new call is tuned especially for hunting in timber where softer but more demanding calls are the rule. Finished in Realtrees' new Timber High Definition, which is required . . . for you will be getting the birds right in your face!
Click to hear sound

$ 39.95 plus handling.

The BT-85 is used for Bluewings while the MP-90 produces the Greenwing peeps. This whistle is also effective for producing sound of widgeon, pintail, wood duck and mallard drakes! These two calls add a whole new dimension to hunting these fast flying little birds.
BT-85 Click to hear sound

MP-90 Click to hear sound

$ 16.95 plus handling.


Ultimate Duck Call Kit

This is the Ultimate Duck Calling System: It features our #1 selling and legendary DR-85 mallard call and as a complimentary call, the MP-90 whistle together with a 2 call lanyard. The instructional DVD (DVD-V2) covers instruction for these two calls in calling Mallards, Pintails, Widgeons, and Teal. Additional instruction is also given for other species of ducks as well as all species of geese. You will enjoy the hunts and be calling in birds of your own in no time with this system!
DR-85 Click to hear sound

$ 39.95 plus handling.


Variable tone of the Haydel "REDLEG"
"REDLEG"Tuning hole allows caller to sound like 2 different ducks.
Click to hear sound

$ 36.95 plus handling.


Opening and closing the hole in the exhaust barrel allows the caller to sound like two different Mallards. Closed for older hen, open for higher pitch of younger hen.
Click to hear sound

$ 20.95 plus handling.


Produces the squealing sound of the Wood Duck coming to roost.
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$ 14.95 plus handling.


WD-97 Cocabolo Duck

This duck call features double reed construction while keeping with the Haydel tradition of blowing wet.
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$ 85.00 plus handling.

WM-07 Magnum Woodduck

After many years of our costumers asking for a louder call for wood ducks we have finally released this version. Don't forget to choke it down when they get in close though!

Click to hear sound

$ 24.95 plus handling.


The W-81 (squealer) is used primarily to get their attention while the WW-90 (whine) is a locating sound wood ducks make to finish them off. A great combo pack at a price less than most get for one call!
W-81 Click to hear sound

WW-90 Click to hear sound

$ 18.95 plus handling.


Imitates the high pitched whine of the male Wood Duck for close in calling.
Click to hear sound

$ 10.95 plus handling.