Choke Tubes
DPX Series Choke Tubes
12GA. $64.95

10GA. $74.95

Xtrema $74.95
A total choke system for the waterfowler. Made of black oxided 174 stainless. Ports add wad stripping capabilities for superior patterns with lead, steel, tungsten and bismuth. The decoy (D) is designed for shots out to 30 yards when hunting over ddecoys. Passing tube (P) is designed for average shots of 30–45 yards and extended range tube (X) for those rare shots in excess of 45 yards. This tube will shorten your shot string–Throw up a wall of pellets for the impact qualities of lead! Thread patterns available for -

1 Beretta 303, 390, 391 / Benelli 12ga
2 Remington 12ga
3 Browning Invector Plus 12ga
4 Invector Short fits Win Choke, SKB, Ruger, & Mossberg
5 Mossberg 835
6 Remington 10ga
7 Browning 10ga
8 Xtrema Tube also fits "Benelli - Super Black Eagle 2"
9 Remington Pro Bore 12ga

Model numbers should be figured as follows:
DPX/thread pattern/constriction.
For example if you wanted a decoy tube for a Beretta 391, it would be DPX/1D.